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Review notes for students NOT in our classes

Price: $60

On a very limited supply, we offer our review notes for students and doctors taking board exams who are unable to attend a board review due to classes not available in the local area. They ARE NOT intended to be a stand-alone program for any of the exams, but are the material that accompanies the associated board review class.  This particularly is true for the Part IV booklet.

*No guarantee of any kind is offered for the material.

*Part IV review notes pertain only to certain applicable clinical material and have no information on radiology.

*Part II notes include all Part III material. If taking both Part II and III exams, purchase only Part II.

*If you are preparing for the SPEC (Special Purpose Exam for Chiropractic), the material in the Part III booklet would apply also to your exam.

*Notes will be shipping via USPS Priority mail at no additional charge to a US address.

*International addresses will have additional shipping charges added on check out.